Frisky Business - Flashback to the 80s

Postman`s Leg, 43-51 Downing Street, Glenfield, Auckland

That's right!! Frisky Business are back live and neon loud at The Postman`s Leg ready to rock the party 80s style !! Time travel is possible! Join the party as we flashback to the 80s with its neon lights, big hair styles, crazy outfits and the most iconic hits of the 80s!! We will be rocking out songs from your favourite bands of the 80s including Queen, Michael Jackson, Wham, David Bowie, Pat Benetar, A-ha, Eurythmics, Def Leppard, ACDC and many many more!! Warm up your dance moves, (legwarmers anyone?) dust off your 80s outfits and join us for a totally amazing 80s night!! Tickets will be available from the 01.08.2021